Thrusting my hips backwards and forwards is not something I usually choose to do in a room full of strangers, but that’s exactly what I find myself doing at the most recent Fitness Freak event.

Everyone else is doing it too, though, so that makes me feel somewhat better, as well as the fact that we are soon to add a hula hoop to proceedings, which is what our pelvic thrusting propels,or is supposed to…

Lord knows how I used to do it for hours as a kid – hula hooping that is – and I’ve got hips now, which I thought might act as some sort of barrier between the hoop and the floor; they don’t. Completely addictive, I thrust until my stomach cramps and my back aches, desperately trying to keep my hoop going, hence why it’s such a great core workout. Add spinning hoops around your arms, hula-squats and general jumping around and you’ve got a sweaty exercise class on your hands – or hips – but one that will have you laughing, and thrusting, a lot. Run by Marawa the Amazing (and she really is, she can hula 133 hoops at a time), head along to her next hula fitness event.

For more information, check out the Fitness Freak website.