What’s the show about?

It’s a combination of this year’s Edinburgh show and some new festive sketch comedy treats.

Think of it as an advent calendar of comic delights – behind every door is a man wearing nothing but a gimp mask and shame.

What’s the latest you’ve ever stayed up?

We’ve done the 24-hour drinking thing in Edinburgh.

There’s a pub, The Scotsman, which opens at 6am, so if you keep yourself drunk between being kicked out of bars at five and that first pint, you’re on to a winner … or more accurately, a loser.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve done?

We have a sketch that involves Paul doing a very sexually explicit mime.

The first time we did it was to an audience of 15 people, most of which were Paul’s family.

The rest of us found it the funniest thing ever.

When Paul’s mum congratulated him afterwards on the “accuracy of the mime” we completely lost it.

Which celebrity would look best in a gimp mask?

John Travolta.

Late Night Gimp Fight  Soho Theatre,
W1D 3NE. Until Jan 5. £15+
Station | Tottenham Court Road  


Photos: Tom Pullen