What’s your set this week going to be about?

[It’ll be] my Edinburgh show about happiness. So it’ll be the happy bit, or some of the other 55 minutes of context which is a bit sad. 

Who inspired you to pick up a mic and take to the stage?

[UK stand-up and actor] Hal Cruttenden.

What is the weirdest show you have ever done?

I’m part of a [comedy] group called The Weirdos – head honcho Adam Larter backs himself to create the weirdest shows possible. We recreated the film Hook and did all rehearsals live in front of an audience, too.

We weren’t even doing the scenes in any particular order so most people forgot their scripts. It was barely recognisable [in the end] but amazing fun when it worked. [TNT witnessed this madcapped show last year and thoroughly agrees.]

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen?

A friend of mine shouted “Deano” at Dean Gaffney across a pub in Croydon once. Very funny. 

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