What’s the show about?

Basically me being as funny as possible for 20 minutes.  Whatever it takes. I am doing a UK tour in the autumn so the set needs to be funny for people to come and see a full show!

Who’s your comedy hero?

Growing up it was Alan Davies. They say never to meet your heroes but I’ve met him and he’s a lovely bloke, and well funny. Plus, he’s an Arsenal fan, too, which always helps. Who is the funniest person you’ve ever met? My mates when we’re down the pub – no one is as funny as your mates once you’ve had a few beers!

What is your favourite joke? 

One of my dad’s old ones: why does a squirrel swim upside down? To keep his nuts dry. I could never do it onstage but it makes me smile.

What is the strangest show you’ve ever done?

At a Caribbean restaurant, literally no one listened [to me] they just ignored me. I felt like an over-confident waiter.

Foster’s Live  Highlight,
NW1 8AB. July 27. £17  
Tube | Camden Town