And renting a car or campervan is a great way to see it all on a budget and at your own speed.

Fortunately for you, this lot come recommended by fellow backpackers. Meet the finalists for Australia’s ‘Best Car/Campervan Rental’ at this year’s Golden Backpack Awards… 


Hippie Campers

Hippie Camper’s ethos of quality, affordable transport has ensured the brand’s ever-increasing popularity with budget-conscious travellers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 2006, the company is now available from four branches along Australia’s East Coast, as well as one branch on the West Coast. Each van is kitted out with oodles of features, including a built-in bed and kitchen facilities. Hippie Camper happily provides all living equipment, maps and campground guides to travellers, making it easy to travel light and on a tight budget. 



Standing for fun, adventure and the spirit of travelling, Jucy offers unique and exciting travel solutions across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Budget-conscious and adventurous travellers love the fleet of vehicles, whether that be a campervan or a basic car. Rental locations can also be found all down Australia’s East Coast, plus down the length of New Zealand’s North and South islands, enabling travellers to be as flexible as possible. Not content with just one mode of transport?  The family owned business has also branched out into cruises, as well as a hotel in Auckland.


Mighty Campers

Whether you’re on a tight budget and looking for somewhere basic to sleep, or you’re after something fancier and chock full of features, Mighty Campers has a campervan to suit all needs. The fleet of vehicles include room for couples as well as groups of up to six, ensuring a place for weary travellers to rest their heads. Campervan hire branch locations are dotted throughout Australia’s major tourist hubs – so whether you’re after seeing Perth, Adelaide or Sydney, the whole country is your open road.



Picking up the Golden Backpack award for ‘Best Campervan/Car Rental Company’ for the last three years, Spaceships’ custom-designed vehicles have won customers over. With campervans available for hire from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, the vehicles are versatile, compact, fun and fuel efficient. And the best bit for travellers on the go? With Spaceships, you are not alone while exploring Australia’s outer space. You will see other Spaceships and can pull over and swap DVDs as you go. This creates a unique community and also provides you with invaluable information on what to do and see along the way.


Travellers Autobarn

Established by ex-backpackers with a love of travel, Travellers Autobarn puts more than 20 years of experience to good use in the travelling community. Several locations are now opened up in various locations across Australia, including Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane and Perth. The company aims to give backpackers the freedom to get to grips with all the country has to offer, making it easy to hire or buy a set of wheels.


Wicked Campers

Wicked Campers offers a range of cheap campervans, with 13 pick-up and drop-off locations all around Australia. Offering travellers all the luxuries found in a hotel, the vehicles provide the freedom to explore off the beaten track. Each van is decorated in a sexy, colourful design, from Jimi Hendrix to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, making sure they’re not lost in a sea of generic vans in a parking lot. The company has also ventured out into parts of New Zealand, Asia, Africa and Europe.