The company was the main sponsirs of  last night’s Games Media Awards, held in London, but it seems not many were impressed with the bikini-clad models, midgets and  giant orange Hummer that accompanied proceedings.

Diuring the ceremony, Grainger Games drunk employees heckled speakers, including host Greg Davies, of Inbetweeners, and were heard shouting “Toon Army, Toon Army” throughout.

Internat chat reports the group went on to interrupt proceedings by climbing onto the stage to dance, and threatened someone physically and verbally after they were told to behave..

They also slow-clapped an acceptance speech for a lifetime achievement award.

The company was condemned by the event’s organisers Intent Media, who issued a statement today after they received a number of complaints.

Stuart Dinsey, managing director of Intent Media, said: “At last night’s Games Media Awards, many friends and partners of Intent Media were, quite understandably, upset and offended by the behaviour of the event’s headline sponsor, Grainger Games.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise wholeheartedly for this – and to make it very clear that Grainger will not be welcome back in any capacity to the GMAs, or any Intent Media events.”

He added: “Grainger Games’ behaviour and attitude was the antithesis of what the GMAs are about.”

Grainger Games, which started as a stall in the Newcastle’s Grainger Marker in 1997, was today blasted on social networking site Twitter by guests at the awards.

The company issued an apology on their website which said: “We wholeheartedly apologise if we offended anyone at last night’s GMAs. It was never our intention to upset anybody.

“We sponsored the awards to show our support for everyone involved in games media and we continue to value and appreciate all their hard work and commitment.”