The ‘greatest marriage proposal ever’ has gone viral on Youtube, racking up an impressive 2.5 million views in three days.

The video clip features possibly the most OTT marriage proposal ever, as a guy called Matt Still, from Atlanta, US, rents a movie cinema and makes a proposal movie trailer.

Matt’s bride-to-be, Ginny Joiner, is taken to see Fast Five at the cinema by her brother. The two settle down to watch the film, only to be presented by her boyfriend’s home-made trailer.

The trailer begins with Matt asking Ginny’s dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Their faces can’t be seen but after his request is accepted, the camera pans out to show Matt leaping up and rushing through the door.

In a movie-style race to propose to his girlfriend, Matt is filmed running to his car and driving to the local cinema, where Ginny sits with her brother.

Throwing popcorn into his mouth as he runs, Matt arrives at the theatre door out of breath.

Watch ‘The greatest marriage proposal ever’.


Ginny’s stunned reaction is filmed throughout and can be seen in the corner of the video. Her shock is heightened when Matt walks into the cinema in real life and the lights go up revealing the engagement ring in his hand.

As Matt goes down on one knee to propose, Ginny sees that the auditorium is actually full of friends and family.

Luckily for Matt, Ginny said yes.

The ‘Greatest marriage proposal ever’ video has proved mega-popular with Youtube’s romantic viewers.

“I wish you 2 all the best, by far the best proposal that I ever see,” says speed200.

“way to go douche bag, nice job on raising the bar, did you think about all the rest of us useless males out there? just kidding 😀 i wish you 2 all the best, by far the best proposal ever,” says drunkenjudgement.

However, some have commented that this isn’t an entirely original idea. Here’s a similar marriage proposal video from 2008.

And here’s ‘The best marriage proposal ever’.

Got a favourite, or do they both make you want to barf?