Watch the amazing video in which it takes 30 police police officers to subdue and arrest an angry man wielding a two-foot long machete  in Brockley, south London. Police had to use a wheelie bin to try and stop his rampage.

The incident occurred on Monday and was filmed by eyewitness Mark Pethe, who was having a barbeque when a friend phoned to tell him a man was waving a machete in his street.

“We thought she was joking – but moments later a load of police cars came screaming around the corner looking for him,” Pether told the Daily Mail.

“We then heard this really loud high-pitched yelp and he just came out of nowhere. Eight of them quickly sprayed him in the face with CS spray – but he didn’t go down.

“Even though he couldn’t see, he was still thrashing around swinging the machete at anyone who came near him. They tried to knock it out of his hand and one even tried to ram a bin in to him.

“Only one guy had a shield – the rest were unarmed apart from these small batons. It is crazy no one got seriously hurt or even killed. It was a terrifying experience.”

Another neighbour, Margaret Brachaniec, said: ‘If he had hit someone he would have killed them. He was just crazed.’

Pether, continued: “At first I was in complete shock. I thought the stand off was going to go on for an hour, but it was over in 20 minutes once back up arrived.’

Police said the man was detained under the Mental Health Act and taken to a secure medical facility.