The country’s culture ministry says it would raise money to maintain the sites, but the move has outraged archaeologists.

Greece faces a 14.5 billion euro (£12.5 billion) bond repayment, which it is struggling to find.

The nation’s debt has reached 350 billion euro (£291 billion) – over 160 per cent of annual output.

The EU and the International Monetary fund had to bail the country out in may 2010.

Renting out the Acropolis in Athens, which had its heyday in the mid fifth century BC, for a photo shoot would earn about 1,600 euros (£1,333) per day.

Previously many filming and advertising requests had been refused, leaving it open only to a few select directors.

And since 2005 it has cost 4,000 euros to film in the Acropolis, but the fee has now been lowered to encourage more crews to use the monument so more money can be raised.

The culture ministry says there will be strict conditions on the renting of any ancient Greek sites.