Living by his motto that one is never enough, Henry VIII had more than 60 houses by the time he died in 1547.

But Hampton Court Palace was his favourite.

The five centuries since then haven’t always been kind to the palace. It isn’t that it’s run down, rather it just feels like it’s missing something in the character stakes.

That’s where the guides come into their own. Dressed and performing in character, they lead groups around the buildings, telling the history 
of its former occupants.

The opportunity to see old Henry lose his rag at his future sister-in-law is much more engaging (and, it must be said, intimidating), than the audio guides which are a bore in comparison.

For lovers of green space the palace gardens are worth the admission price. Krysten booth

» Surrey, KT8 9AU Hampton Court ( Daily. £14

Verdict: Fit for a king