A parole hearing for Clive Derby-Lewis, the killer of SACP leader Chris Hani, will be held in December, his attorney said on Tuesday.

“The matter will be heard in the Pretoria High Court on December 9,” said attorney Marius Coertze.

In October, the court postponed the matter to allow the Hani family and the National Parole Board to be joined as co-respondents in the matter.

However, on Tuesday, Coertze said the National Parole Board need not be added as co-respondents because of stipulation 73 of the Correctional Services Act.

“… They are not required to be involved,” he said. He had yet to receive any submissions from the Hani family.

He said the defence had received “certain documents” from the Department of Correctional Services relating to the matter.

Among them was one by the local parole board recommending the 72-year-old for parole.

Derby-Lewis, who has served 15 years of a life term for the murder, was convicted with Janusz Walus of Hani’s assassination on April 10 1993. Both were sentenced to death although this was later commuted to life behind bars.

Coetze said his client would not appear in court in December. “He won’t be there again. I asked him about it and he said no, once was enough. He doesn’t want to be there again,” said Coertze.