With the Roses’ reunion proving to be the hottest ticket on the planet, the Mondays have been approached about reforming as well, and potentially touring with their Manchester brothers next year.

A documentary is set to be filmed chronicling the whole original-line-up reunion too. 

A source has told The Sun newspaper: “After the success of the Stone Roses reunion there’s a real clamour to get the group back on the road and document it properly.


The Mondays have had offers from film companies, including Film4 and Sky, who want to follow them for the reunion. There will be gigs next summer and a re-release of their classic album ‘Pills n’ Thrills and Bellyaches’. A DVD will also be released of the comeback shows and the documentary.”

The reunion is slated to bring back together the band’s original lineup from their eighties heyday, including Shan Ryder, his bassist brother Paul, guitarist Mark Day, keyboardist Paul Davis and drummer Gary Whelan. 

Of course, no Mondays’ reunion would be complete without maracas-waver extraordinaire Mark ‘Bez’ Berry, who is also said to be in line for the reunion. 

Ryder’s manager Warren Askew has said of the news: “There’s a lot in the pipeline, it’s an exciting time.”

This will be the first time the band have reconvened in their entire origial line up since they first disbanded in 1993. They regrouped in 1999 but split again the following year due to ‘disagreements’ between brothers Shaun and Paul.

Pills N’ Thrills and Bellyaches was released in 1990 and spawned the hit singles Step On and Kinky Afro.