Harry Houdini’s last surviving stage assistant – Dorothy Young – has died, aged 103. The new comes as the world marks the day which would have been Houdini’s 137th birthday.

Young’s death was announced by Drew University of which she was a patron of the arts.

Young joined Houdini’s company at 17 after impressing the famous illusionist by dancing the Charleston at her audition.

On tour with Houdini, Young would assist with performance such as Radio Girl during which she appeared from a giant radio.

Houdini’s 137th birthday celebrated by Google

Young spent a year as Houdini’s assistant, travelling around the US.

The tour turned out to be Houdini’s last, as he died shortly afterwards, in October 1926.

Young performed in several movies over the course of her life and set up a Latin dance act called Dorothy And Gilbert with New York businessman Gilbert Kiamie, whom she later married.

News of her death will be particularly noted today as March 24 was Houdini’s birthday, a fact which has been marked by a Google Doodle and a day-long Twitter trend.

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