The list features a few burger joints well-known to us here at TNT and a few hidden gems as well.

Burger Me Fresh on the Gold Coast took top honours but Melbourne’s iconic Andrew’s Hamburgers and Exmouth’s Planet Burgers were hot on its heels.

Top 10 boutique burger joints in Australia

1. Burger Me Fresh, Coolangatta, Queensland       

Since opening almost a year ago, Burger Me Fresh has been impressing customers with its fresh, creative menu. Claiming the number one spot on TripAdvisor’s Top Ten Boutique Burgers list, Burger Me Fresh’s delicious burgers are served with your choice of a fresh juice or real fruit smoothie. “There’s honestly nothing better than a delicious non-greasy burger … and Burger Me Fresh just get it right,” said a TripAdvisor reviewer.

2. Andrew’s Hamburgers, Melbourne, Victoria

For over a decade Andrew’s Hamburgers have been dishing up the quintessential hamburger – classic, well-established recipes served with the promise of an unbelievably tasty burger experience. Credited with setting the standard of burger creation in Melbourne, TripAdvisor reviewers agree. One reviewer wrote, “I first visited 10 years ago and they were sensational then and nothing has changed.”

3. Planet Burgers, Exmouth, Western Australia

This unconventional food truck has been impressing Exmouth locals and tourists for over 20 years, serving up its famous souvlaki, burgers and fries. It has a menu unlike any other burger joint.

4. The Bottle of Milk, Lorne, Victoria

Since 2008, The Bottle of Milk has been creating some of the country’s most loved burgers. Located on Victoria’s picturesque coast, the burgers at The Bottle of Milk are a delicious take on the beach-side classic ‘burgers and chips’.

5. Longboards Laidback Eatery, Surfers Paradise, Queensland

Longboards Laidback Eatery creates a relaxing atmosphere where many visitors and locals go to enjoy live music and a super-sized, high-quality burger. Opening its doors at 7am, Longboards pays homage to the world’s top surfers and artists and servers the surfing community burgers until late every night.

6. Penguin Stop Café, Penneshaw, South Australia

Penguin Stop Café is known by the community for serving the best burgers on Kangaroo Island, and have famously friendly staff with consistently exceptional service. The Egg and Bacon Burger and Chicken Burger rate best amongst reviewers, who wrote, “friendly staff, easy location to access. The food was fresh and tasty.”

7. TUBE The Ultimate Burger Experience, Townsville, Queensland

TUBE is a locally owned small business owned by long-time friends who have a passion for quality food, dining and giving something back to the local community. The taste of the burger definitely lives up to its name with one TripAdvisor reviewer who praised, “the quality of the ingredients coupled with the great fresh flavours and the ingredients were fresh and the steak was of exceptional quality. Our new permanent burger spot.”

8. Beloporto, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Beloporto is Byron Bay’s hidden gem when it comes to top burger restaurants. Specialising in Portuguese Chicken Burgers, travellers should look no further for great value.

9. Missy Moo’s Burger Bar, South Freemantle, Western Australia

With an extensive range of burgers, Missy Moo’s Burger Bar is value for money and caters for all tastes and preferences – lamb, beef, fish and vegetarian. Known for their large portions, each burger is also named after a nursery rhyme, and served with a steak knife.

10. Tuk Tuk, Pokolbin, New South Wales

Tuk Tuk is one of the busiest burger bars in the Hunter Valley. With exceptional service and an extensive menu, there is no doubt Tuk Tuk has something for every customer. The ‘Three Way Pork Burger’ and the ‘Rosemary Little Lamb Burger’ are some of the best burgers you’ll find anywhere on this earth!  


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