He met 24-year-old US-based photographer, Sarah-Louise Colivet, from Kildare, Ireland, in New York and she’s already ringing home about him.

The snapper’s proud mum, Jacinta, confirmed her daughter’s meeting with the teenager who is currently conquering America with band One Direction.

Jacinta said: “It’s true, she has struck up a friendship with him. She rang and said he was lovely, great fun and a really nice guy.

“She met him in New York — she is a cool customer though so she wasn’t going to tell her mum too much.

“I don’t think she realised that girls go that crazy for him until now.

“He has gone on to Australia now, but they will definitely stay in touch.”

Styles, 18, reportedly met Colivet after one of the band’s New York City gigs last month and have hooked up at least twice in recent weeks.

Sarah-Louise’s pals say the two have grown “very close, very” quickly” but hoped to keep their romance under wraps until the band’s US tour finished.

A friend said: “Sarah-Louise and Harry met after one of 1D’s gigs and just hit it off instantly. She’s a stunning girl, really fun and outgoing, and it’s no surprise she caught Harry’s eye.

“She’s understandably keeping things under wraps — he’s explained to her he has to be seen as single under strict orders from bosses — but she can’t always hide her delight.

“She even posted a saucy message (on Facebook) about Harry being with her the ‘morning after’ but quickly deleted it.”

According to friends, Styles’ chat up line was: “You don’t know you’re beautiful.”

A friend posted on Colivet’s Facebook page: “I heard about Harry Styles you absolute legend!xxx”

She replied: “Re-united this wednesday….sigh!”

Styles was also recently linked with 19-year-old singer Lily Haplern, but a spokesman for the band denied the claims.