Livingstone pledged to cut transport fares, rent and energy bills for London residents if he’s voted in on Thursday 3 May.. He also promised to reintroduce an Education Maintenance Allowance of up to £30 to help students in the capital.

The focus of the campaign is the reduction of transport fares by 7% by the end of the year. Livingstone showed his commitment to the campaign by promising to resign as Mayor if he has not introduced the cuts within 5 months of being elected.

He stated the savings would be funded by a “completely unacceptable” surplus of cash held by Transport for London. He claimed a non-profit lettings agency would be the solution to reducing rents, while a co-operative would be created to cut “rip-off energy prices”.

The event also saw the 66-year-old wipe away tears at a screening of his campaign video, for which he received a pat on the back by Labour leader Ed Miliband.