Britain can expect more unseasonably warm weather this weekend, with temperatures set to reach 21c.

Forecasters have claimed that this October is hotter than the summer, when daytime averages were as low as 15c in July.

The first two weeks of October have been the hottest in 350 years for Central England, while night-time temperatures have been as high as 16c, four degrees hotter than the average daytime temperature for October.

This October’s highest recorded temperature was 30c in South Yorkshire, 7c hotter than last year’s high in Devon.

Temperatures on Saturday are predicted to reach an average of 18c in the south and 17c in the North.

Sunday will be cloudier but temperatures are expected to remain the same.

However, the good weather is set to come to an end after the weekend, with heavy showers forecast for Monday and throughout next week.

Forecasters are warning of snow in Scotland at the end of this month, while frost is expected throughout the country.