A cross-eyed opossum called Heidi has predicted that Natalie Portman will win an Oscar this year.

Heidi appeared on US TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! via video link from her zoo in Leipzig, Germany, to pick her favourite candidate to win an Oscar.

Every actress in the category was pictured with cross eyes and taped to a gong, including Portman, Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Williams.

Cross-eyed opossum Heidi becomes media sensation

Heidi paused by Kidman, nominated for her role in Rabbit Hole, and Lawrence, star of Winter’s Bone before settling on Portman, considered the favourite to scoop the award.

Heidi has been at the zoo since May, along with her sister Naira, who were both abandoned outside an animal shelter in North Carolina in the United States.

Heidi’s powers of prediction are reminiscent of Paul the Octopus who correctly predicted the winners in last year’s football World Cup. Paul sadly died from natural causes last October.