A typical meal in Honduras, like you’ll find in much of Central America, includes rice, beans, tortillas, grilled chicken or beef, and a salad.

Caribbean flavours

On the Caribbean coast and in the Bay Islands however, seafood is a tasty staple — and cheap too. This is the place to indulge in fresh fish, prawns and lobster.

Fast food

In the capital Tegucigalpa and other major cities, the major fast food chains are becoming increasingly common in you fancy a break from the local produce and a reliable taste of home.

Authentic cusine

Typical dishes include burritas, a meal of shredded meat, refried beans and avocado rolled in flour tortillas, and tamales, made from vegetables, potatoes, pork or chicken. Also make sure you taste pastelitos de carne: fried flour pastries filled with meat. And anafres, an authentic Honduras snack or appetizer made from hot black beans, cheese and chips.

Tostones are crunchy deep-fried plantains while ceviche is also popular in coastal areas — raw fish mixed with onions, tomatoes and coriander marinated in lime juice.



Popular Honduras beers include Imperial, Salva Vida and Port Royal. If you’re not scared of a fiery drop, get stuck into some Giffity, a potent Garifuna liquor.


Like much of Central America, the tap water quality can be poor so it is recommended to drink bottled water, which is cheap and available everywhere.