Getting there


Hong Kong is one of the main air traffic hubs in Asia, so there are dozens of airlines flying in and out of the amazing Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. As well as traditional airlines like Hong Kong’s own Cathay Pacific, numerous low-cost carriers also fly to Hong Kong  from all over South-East Asia. These include:
•    Dragon Air
•    Air Asia
•    Jetstar
•    Bangkok Airways
Tiger Airways flies across South-East Asia from Shenzen and Guangzhou

From mainland China

If you’re travelling through mainland China on your way to Hong Kong, you’ll likely pass through Guangzhou (the megalopolis capital of Guangdong province) or Shenzen (just over the border from HK).


There are frequent express trains (1 ¾ hours) between Guangzhou and Hong Kong.
The the quickest way to get from Hong Kong to mainland China is to take the train from any of the stations on the Kowloon-Canton Railway line that runs north from Hung Hom station, and get off at Lo Wu, just before the before. From Lo Wu, it’s only a few hundred metres walk into Shenzen..
There are also trains from Hong Kong to Beijing and Shanghai, though these take more than a day. It’s be better to fly or break up your journey along the way.


There are numerous direct bus services between cities in southern China and Hong Kong. It’s about three hours by bus to Guangzhou.


Numerous ferries run between Macau and Hong Kong, and the journey takes only one hour. There are also ferries from Hong Kong to Shenzen and Guangzhou.

Getting around

To/from the airport

The easiest way to get downtown from the airport is to take the express train. For about a third of the price you can hop on one of the several airport bus routes, which run to/from numerous locations downtown.


The super-efficient Mass Transit Railway has six lines, and is great for hopping across Hong Kong Island, between the island and Kowloon, and further afield into the New Territories.


Buses run all over Hong Kong. They’re especially useful for reaching cities and towns outside of the main built-up areas in Kowloon and northern Hong Kong Island.


The most atmospheric way to cross Hong Kong Harbour between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island is by the famous Star Ferry. They’re cheap, run every few minutes, and you’ll get a great view on the crossing.


Hong Kong’s red taxis are everywhere and in comparison to prices in other great global cities, very cheap.


Six tram routes run east-to-west across Hong Kong Island. As well as being a convenient way to get across the island, it’s also a great way to see the city – especially from the upper deck (yes, it’s a double-decker tram).


Hong Kong’s roads can be a bit of a maze. With so many other transport options available, hiring a car is not recommended.