Locog, which runs the Olympic Games, has promised fans desperate to get their hands on tickets that 75,000 more seats will be up for grabs with lots of popular events included.

The haul of tickets is said to be the result of a new assessment of the athletics stadium now that the set of Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony has been dismantled.

New spaces have apparently appeared behind the green fields and industrial towers in which more seating can be erected.

These changes mean that as many as 1,600 Olympic athletics tickets will released at the last minute. If you want one, check the official London 2012 tickets site: tickets.london2012.com

Locog boss Paul Deighton, Locog’s said: “You can expect to see quite a few athletics tickets shortly because we converted the stadium from the green and pleasant land that we had on Friday night into an athletic stadium

“Getting all the camera positions finally worked out, we can be precise about which seats have a view that’s acceptable to sell and which ones are restricted. So there will be a few of those coming shortly.”

57,000 tickets to London 2012 events are currently being sold every day, Locog said. These include 9,000 tickets previously held by the ‘Olympic family’ that have been reclaimed.

More information about the Olympics athletics tickets will be available in the next 48 hours. Keep watching at: tickets.london2012.com

In other athletics news, British Athletics head coach Charles van Commenee has said he is confused by the behaviour of triple-jumper Phillips Idowu who appears to have ditched his coach ahead of the London Olympics.

Idowu, who is suffering from a trapped nerve, has chosen to arrange his own treatment rather than attend UKA’s training camp, shunning his coach Aston Moore and the governing body’s medical experts.

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