What’s the first thing travellers who want a job in hospitality should do? Potential applicants should ensure they have the appropriate experience and relevant qualifications. For example, RSA, Safe Food Handling Certificate, or chef qualifications. Additionally, they must have a valid working visa if they are coming from overseas. Don’t forget to bring your uniform, knife kit and a CV with current industry references, including email addresses, and copies of your qualifications.

What’s more important, experience or personality? You need both. In addition to the specific industry requirements, all hospitality staff need to be reliable, have good communication skills, a professional attitude and pride in how they present themselves. Being friendly, polite and enthusiastic are standard requirements in any job! With SMART Hospitality, previous experience is mandatory to all staff. We don’t employ anyone who has just done a course and has no specific industry experience of at least one or two years.

What qualifications are needed? SMART Hospitality primarily focuses on placing chefs. A lot of food businesses or agencies do not require their kitchen hands to have a safe food handling certificate, but we do because the client comes to us looking for experienced staff to walk in and begin work. The core of the business is emergency or relief staffing. Chefs need chef qualifications, kitchen-hands and canteen assistants need a Safe Food Handling Certificate, front of house and anyone in food and beverage service needs an RSA Certificate or an RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling), depending on whether you want to work in a pub or club where there are gaming machines.

Do the qualifications vary between states? Chefs’ certificates are acceptable in any state. However the NSW RSA Certificate for example, covers both VIC and NSW, but a VIC RSA only covers you for VIC. If you have a VIC RSA you should complete a bridging course or complete the NSW RSA.

What are the rates of pay? Casual on-call rates are from $22-$47 per hour, depending on qualifications and level. Sometimes accommodation and travel time may be included. Full-time salaries are negotiated between staff and client.

What sorts of jobs are there within your region? There are many jobs for chefs looking for a career move. The Albury-Wodonga region has many wineries and a fabulous range of produce.

How does the hospitality sector look like at the moment? Well, there are plenty of opportunities in this region for chefs with taste!

Are there any sponsorship opportunities? Yes, depending on the brilliance of the person.

What are the benefits of getting some Oz work experience? Working in Australia is a great experience for any traveller because it allows them to earn money while gaining valuable international experience, which will improve their prospects of employment once they return home. International chefs get the chance to work with passionate local chefs and experience the diversity of Australian produce, as well as enjoy what this region has to offer. SMART hospitality is located on the NSW/Victorian border and is close to the snowfields. We are therefore in a position that allows us to place candidates in exciting jobs in both states. Thanks to Ordette Mannering, consultant from SMART Hospitality, http://www.smarthospitality.com.au