It’s one of the most lethal combat disciplines on the planet, devised in Israel to be used in close quarters and focuses on attack being the best form of defence (or ‘strike first’).

It’s because of this intensity that Krav Maga is such a brilliant workout.

A London-based session with Krav Maga System will not only involve attacking points such as the jaw, ribs, groin and knees – with reasonable force to avoid anyone getting too hurt, of course – but also training with sticks, knives and replica guns.

This technique is used by the Israeli Armed Forces, with versions of it adapted for police and civilians across the globe so they can protect themselves in dangerous scenarios.

In class, students learn the psychology of street fighting, how to be aware of their surrounds and identify the weak points in opponents.

Adrian Siman, from Romania, has been doing martial arts most of his life, but got hooked on Krav Maga after his first class eight years ago.

“It is simply the best martial art out there,” he says. “I’ve trained ever since and have reached Expert Level 1. I’m one of the few in the UK at this level.”

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Krav Maga, which means contact combat in Hebrew, hasn’t yet been modified for competitive sport (it would be far too dangerous in its purest form), but you can be rewarded through a system of exams and belts like that of judo or karate.

Siman says while Krav Maga may look complicated, it’s easy to learn.

“They’re really straightforward techniques,” he says, adding that Krav Maga is unlike many martial arts because it’s based on real-life situations, you fight multiple opponents and use a range of weapons.

Plus, it’s for all levels of fitness.

“We teach everyone from young male studentsto women in their sixties,” he says. “And you will make contact with your opponent in the first class unlike other martial arts where you never touch an opponent.

“The more you do it the more you will be getting fitter and learning valuable life-saving techniques. Plus, it’s a massive adrenaline rush.”

Classes at 7.30pm on Mon and Tues. £10 for a trial, £48 per month (one class a week).
Women-only classes also available. 
Soho Gyms, 11-15 Wootton Street, SE1 8TG

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