Durdle Door, Dorset – Carmia Spies, South Africa.

Thinking outside the box when shooting a landscape shot can be difficult.  Carmia has given us a great example of how to bring humour and a spot of quirkiness to an image. Having the backdrop out of focus brings our line of vision to the heart-shaped hands. But by choosing for them to be slightly darker than the rest of the image, our eye is again drawn to the landscape beyond, bringing a great balance to this sweet, playful shot.

%TNT Magazine% casualties

The Sasualties live at The Fleece, Bristol – Hamish Mcmillan, New Zealand.

Photography is not just about the correct exposure and getting everything in focus; sometimes it’s about feeling. Remember, it’s a creative art form where rules can be bent for something a bit offbeat.

HOT TIPS: Shooting Dark
Shooting moving objects in low lighting could bring feelings of dread, but it doesn’t have to be such a hassle: think positively and set yourself a challenge. Showing movement in low-light situations will create some blur, and some aspect of the image will become out of focus. This is primarily a good thing; it will make for a more atmospheric shot. The colour will naturally be alerted to the artificial tungsten lighting that may be the only light source. This will produce that beautiful warming yellow/reddish tinge. A high iso and a low aperture are key to achieving your goal. Don’t try to freeze the frame, as this will make it static and sterile.

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