For an amateur cricketer, there is nothing more important than your bat. It is vital that you take the time to find the perfect bat for you as this will maximise your performance at the crease and allow you to play comfortably. Fortunately, it can be straightforward to pick out the right bat when you know what to look out for – read on to find out more.


If the bat is too long or short, it will not give you the required amount of control and this will negatively impact your performance. There are guidelines for the size of bat in relation to height – follow this even if you or the person that you are buying for has not stopped growing as picking the wrong size now will impact performance both now and in the future as you will pick up bad habits. These guidelines should be available from the store.


The weight is one of the most important factors to consider. Take test swings with the bat to ensure that you can play a range of shots with ease. One key test is to hold the bat out at arm’s length with your weak hand – if you tire quickly, the bat is too heavy.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is the area where the bat is the thickest and will generate more power on your shots. Different bats have different sweet spots, so think about where on the bat you tend to strike the ball more often. For beginners, the middle of the bat is a good option.


The handle should always be centred with the blade and thin enough for you to hold the bat comfortably. Taller players may find it best to use a bat with a Long Handle (LH), but short handle is best for short or average players as it provides greater control. Handles reinforced with titanium can provide more power.


The cost of cricket bats can vary drastically so think about how much you want to spend. It is worth spending a bit more if you are an avid or experienced player, whilst beginners are better suited to cheaper bats so that they can develop a style of play and then pick a suitable bat later on. Regardless of the budget, it is important to always buy from specialists like Talent Cricket for high-quality equipment.

Buying a cricket bat is a big deal for amateur cricket players and it is important to take your time. No two bats are the same and every player has different styles of play and requirements, but the above should help you to pick out the right bat to elevate your game.