In ten central London bars, punters have the chance to become a ‘real football hero’ in a unique hands free game that involves their willies, their aim, and a horrifying lack of self-consciousness.

Londoners are invited to take part in this (quite frankly, disgusting) game at urinals in select bars across the capital, where guys can control their ‘flow’ to fire a ball from the Captain’s ship into a digital goal.

Challenge your mates in the toilet by competing to become the top of the leader board. Then watch as they walk out of the pub without you.

Fictional pirate Captain Morgan said: “This year’s ball has plenty of style but I wanted to see if it could handle the force of the Captain’s Cannon.

“Now, shipmates, you can see if you have the force in you to get to the top of the legendary leaderboard!”

The Captain Morgan game can be found in ten central London locations, including Exhibit Diner, Balham, The Loop, Mayfair and Piccadilly Institute, Piccadilly Circus. For more info, click here.

Image credit: Thinkstock