A friend sent you a file as an attachment by email, you downloaded it to your computer, double-clicked on its icon to open it but you’ve received a strange on-screen warning indicating that it’s impossible to complete the operation and you need to choose a specific program to do it. Sometimes people think that their computer is infected by the virus, because how can it be that all documents can be launched, but this one for some reason can’t be opened. The fact is that every file, whether it’s a song, video or document, has its own extension. It is what is written after the name of the file itself. For example, you have some picture called image.gif – that means that this picture (it can be anything though) with the name image has the extension .gif.

A Universal Way To Open Unknown Files

On the page wikiext.com, you’ll find all the file extensions associated with the font files category as well as their file types’ descriptions. It automatically searches for free programs to open the file you need. Simply enter the name/type of what you are trying to open with an unknown extension (format) on this site it will give you the name of the software with which you can open it. The site immediately provides the ability to download the necessary software.

What Is an Extension And What Is It for?

The extension indicates the structure, in the other words, informs the computer what kind of file it is:

●       photos or pictures have .gif, .jpeg, .bmp, .img, .jpg extensions and so on;

●       text documents: .txt, .doc; (scanned magazines, books – .djvu; .pdf), etc.

Thus, the format shows to the OS by which program it is possible to open a particular file and if the necessary program is not installed on the system, then naturally it will not be opened.

How to Open a File Knowing Its Extension?

 In order to open the file, you first need to know its format. For this purpose, you need either to install the program Total Commander, which displays the extensions of all files or to allow the operating system explorer to display them so that you will see them immediately. To enable the extension mapping, do the following:

– Go to “My Computer” on the top of the panel;

– Find “Tools” and select “Folder Options …”

– Then go to the “View” tab and find the item “Hide extensions for registered file types” and remove the checkmark from this parameter.

– Click “Apply” and “OK”.  That’s it. Currently, all files on your PC will be displayed with the extensions.  

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credit: tiridifilm

Now, knowing the format of anything you would like to open, go to the site mentioned above and type in the line pointer what you need to search. Find the name of the program that opens the files of the format you need, download, install and run them easily.

Use this convenient file extension encyclopedia and if you suddenly have any questions about opening documents of different formats, then on the site you will find an email for your questions and suggestions. You will receive answers that will help you solve your problems!