It is quite hard to give a great speech without a minimal preparation process. But what does it mean to give a great speech? And how many efforts does it take to create one? Do you need special talents for that? Let’s clear everything out step-by-step. In case you need your speech for today or tomorrow, you can Pay experts to do your assignment in Australia if you live here. In other cases, we recommend reading our top 5 speech writing tips, trying your hand at becoming a better speaker.

How to Write a Speech like a Pro

Whom do we call great speaker? Is it someone who speaks nice? Or is it someone who can speak 30 minutes without a break? Is it someone who knows a topic well? In fact, all of these are somehow related to what we call a winning presentation.

A good speaker is someone who knows how to deliver their message clearly and professionally to the audience. Some people are not so good as others in public speaking. But this doesn’t mean they don’t have any chances to become better presenters. The main thing you should know is that more than 80% of any successful speech depends on how good a speaker has prepared in advance. While some people can deliver a speech without any preparation, most can’t.

So, here’s a couple of 5 top recommendations on how to prepare your speech correctly in order to deliver it in the best way possible. As most great speeches are great not only because of the delivery but also because of the preparation.

5 Top Tips on Writing a Speech

As with everything, practice makes perfect. So, make sure you use the following tips every time you’ll be asked to prepare a presentation at college or university. Only discipline and practice can polish your skills to the highest level and feel confident as you should whenever you’re giving a speech.

1. Focus on your audience instead of your subject. When writing a speech think about what exactly may be interesting for your audience. Don’t focus too much on the topic and what you know already. Think about what your audience knows about the topic you have and what exactly they would like to hear. What would you like to hear in your speech if you were a listener but not a presenter?

2. Make your speech memorable. Think about what you would remember from your presentation in 2 months from now if you were an audience. Find one thing, which you want to build your speech around and make it a central piece of it. Having a highlight on one major thing or one central message makes any speech a memorable one.

3. Have a clear structure. Before bringing the details to your presentation, check if it has a clear structure. Start with the headlines. Write down the headlines, which are going to divide your writing into several parts. Then, divide your speech into introduction, body, and conclusion. Create a catchy opening. Use one of the hook techniques you like most – quote, question, etc. Start with something compelling to get your listeners interested in the topic immediately.

4. Write your speech in a conversational tone. It is easy to forget that you write something that you’re going to say aloud while working on a presentation. So, don’t compose a speech in the form of an email. Stick to a relaxed, conversational style. At the same time, avoid cliche phrases, slang, and swear words. This will be definitely too much for a college assignment. Write short sentences, highlighting the keywords, which you’re going to emphasize during a presentation. Think about pauses and how exactly you want your speech to sound for the audience.

5. Make a conclusion the shortest part of your speech. Every speaker is afraid of being too boring in front of the public. But how to keep interest during the whole presentation? The secret is in dividing the time you have on it correctly. Make the conclusion and the introduction shorter than the body part. If your intro is about 3 minutes, the conclusion shouldn’t be longer than a minute.

Everyone from presidents and business leaders to managers and best men at weddings prepares their speeches before presenting them to the audience. So, why wouldn’t you do that as well in order to present a fantastic speech at college or university? Use our tips and forget about stress and irritation while standing in front of other people, presenting your wonderful ideas. Take your speech writing skills to the next level.