Wine merchant Arrigo Brovedani, who was in town on business, was the only fan in the 4k away section in Genoa for the top league match.

“I always take my flag and scarf around – they’re always in the car with me,” he said.

Udinese usually only attracts 50 or so away fans, but this was a cold Monday night about four aways from Friuli, Udinese’s base.

“I went there thinking I’d find five or six other people,” Brovedani told BBC.

“I went into the stadium while they [Udinese] were warming up. I shouted and said ‘hi’ to the team.

“When I went in the local fans booed me, I felt a bit offended.

“But in the end they clapped and invited me for coffee and a meal, and the club managers gave me a shirt. They wished me a merry Christmas.”

Udinese won 2-0 and devoted the victory to their fan.

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