The unidentified elderly woman was trying to open a window in her apartment when she pushed it out too far and fell out.

She was saved from a 35 foot fall, and almost certain death, when her clothes became entangled in her air-conditioner unit.

Suspended above the ground by her hooked garments, the woman’s pitiful cries of help eventually alerted her neighbours to her plight and the authorities were called.

The woman was left hanging for at least 30 minutes before firefighters arrived on the scene and rescued her with a ladder.

She was taken to hospital for precautionary tests but didn’t even suffer so much as a scratch throughout the whole ordeal.

I’m sure everyone is overjoyed that the old duck made it through without so much as a bruise, especilly the LG company who have been gifted the best free advertising opportunity in the history of the medium.

“LG air-conditioners; keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter and alive when things gets perpendicular!”

I think I’m in the wrong profession…