In the past police are believed to have turned a blind eye to the ‘smoke out’ events staged by students at the University of California Santa Cruz.

But as the old saying goes, if you give them an inch, they’ll make an enormous spliff on that inch, and wave it in your face like you’re a muppet for giving them that inch in the first place.

And this instance even get lame T-shirts made (see picture above) stating vague geographical drug policy.

Check out the video below

Cannabis, a flowering plant indigenous to Central and South Asia, is used as a recreational drug throughout the world by various genus of nerdowells, rascals and cool dudes.

Otherwise known as hemp, dope, reefer, weed, hash, Mary Jane, pot, green, keef, funky plant, goof, whampum, koojie moojie, Balthazar von Turgid the third earl of Ragga Town, and marijuana, cannabis is known to produce feelings of relaxation and happiness in the user, said to be akin to that moment when you start a poo and then think crap, there’s no bog roll, but then find the bog roll because it’s just not in its usual position on the holder, but on top of like, the peddle bin or something. Wait, hold on, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, so, users of Balthazar von Turgid the third earl of Ragga Town most commonly ingest it via smoking, either through a pipe, a bong (a complicated smoking device whereby the smoke is initially pulled through water and then ingested in a second pull), or smoked in the form of a cigarette – often dubbed a spliff or joint.

The video of the 2.3lbs spliff’s confiscation has quickly gained some notoriety online with cannabis drug enthusiasts.

“I love large amounts of drugs!” said one commenter. “Even if they’re in an impractical format for ingesting, such as in this instance.”*

*A commenter did not say this, sorry.