Paprika – Hungary’s favourite spice

Potato and paprika, chicken and paprika, cottage cheese and paprika – once you’ve spent the smallest amount of time in Hungary you’ll start to understand the national obsession with the smokey red spice. Paprika isn’t just added during the cooking phase, you’ll also find it on the table next to the salt and pepper.

Meaty goodness

Hungarians do like their meat and eat a lot of it – especially pork, beef and poultry (including goose), although you’ll get some nice fish in some areas (especially around Lake Balaton). You’ll find meat is crumbed, fried, baked or stuffed. And rest assured, they’ll be lots of it – the Hungarians do not skimp on food.

In a pickle

Fresh salad made of raw vegetables is availabe in Hungary, but chances are you’ll get a lot more pickled vegetables – from sweet pickled cucumbers to eye-watering pickled cabbage. Embrace it.

Sweet enough

Hungarians have a collective sweet tooth which they feed with the most delectable desserts. They do fabulous strudel filled with poppyseeds and cherry, lovely sponge cakes filled with cream and the crowd pleasing Doboz tart – a layered up extravaganza of sponge, chocolate, cream and toffee.



Hungary produces some wonderful wines, especially in the Lake Balaton region, which is often called Hungary’s Tuscany. Worth trying is the indigenous dry white Badacsony Kekneyelu or any of the simply marvelous rosés on offer.