Choosing the right holiday destination is a big decision, and more often than not, a very difficult on. The team at Waytostay are experts in Europe’s cities, and are here to help you weigh up your holiday options this summer. They’ve created a super-handy infographic, comparing the diverse delights that await you in two of the world’s finest cities – Barcelona and Sydney.

Barcelona is the quintessential European destination – bursting with Mediterranean vibrancy and colour, its combination of architectural flair and gastronomic extravagance are emblematic of the characterful Catalonian culture. 

Sydney too is a unique expression of the people who call it home. Modern and friendly, the city prides itself on its bustling, arty metropolitanism – welcoming people from all over the world. 

Take a look at what both cities have to offer below – and start planning your getaway today! 


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