There are lots of ICOs held every month. Each company comes with a whitepaper full of promises and ideas that could revolutionise different industries by using the blockchain technology. Investors want to invest in all the promising ICOs, but with the many scams out there, it’s hard to trust most ICOs.

London is home to some of the most trusted and successful crypto projects. to the famous exchange,, England is well represented in the world of cryptocurrencies. A few ICOs hope to impress the world of crypto investors with their revolutionary ideas. Here are some of them.


The company’s PRE ICO ends June 15th and you can invest from as low as $10, but what does the whitepaper say? Talenthon wants to utilize the blockchain to help employers verify CVs.

The job application is riddled with lots of falsehoods. Up to 70% of CVs at any given time contain false information.  Talenthon wants to build an ecosystem where employers can assess the skills of candidates in a peer to peer environment.

The company plans to utilize gamification to make the process attractive to users and also to provide realistic scores for the skills stated by job lookers. Referees will also be involved in the CV verification process. Job employers, on the other hand, would have to purchase subscriptions to find candidates who are already assessed and verified.

Is Talenthon a Good ICO?

As this article states, companies are always looking for talented individuals but this is not always possible because of complications involved in the job hiring process. Lack of resources to help recruit skillfull, motivated and honest candidates drives companies to settle for subpar employees.

Talenthon has a model that would make it easy and affordable to find the right employees. At the same time, the company’s business model rewards job seekers and referees, motivating them to get involved in the CV verification process.

The Deal Coin

The Deal Coin wants to provide smart contracts’ protected, peer to peer lending service deployed on the ethereum blockchain. Unlike most peer to peer lending services, the Deal Coin has a more advanced system of verifying assets that will be used as collateral to get a loan.

The company will also require all members to provide KYC documents to enhance a trust-based environment. In addition, the startup will have a unique database known as the Deal Lending Solution. The DSL will act as an automatic ledger that not only stores information but one that triggers tasks that should be verified by both the lender and the loan requestor.

The Deal Coin aims to target Small businesses willing to stake their assets as collateral to get loans. All payments will be made using the company’s utility token, DLSD tokens. If the ICO is successful in raising the $50 million they target as hard cap, they have plans to avail their platform by April 2018.

The Team

The Deal Coin was founded by Michael Morrison, an SME entrepreneur and a director of numerous Blue Chip companies. His input to the ICO is that of team leadership and strategic management to ensure they achieve the promises made in the whitepaper.

The ICO’s head of technology is Rajat Jain, a veteran entrepreneur in IT startups. Most of the ICO’s teams have run or worked in the SME businesses. They have great knowledge of debt and collection businesses. If the company is able to build a solid dAPP, its team has the capabilities to make things work.


It’s rare you find an ICO with a rating of 4.8/5, but FTEC is one of the best rated ICOs presently. The company is centred on AI technology and hopes to use it to help cryptocurrency traders maximise their profits. The company’s ICO starts on Jun 20 and will run until July 18th.

US ICO investors will be restricted to join the ICO but everyone else can invest with as low as 0.1 ethereum. FTEC’s main service will be to provide an Algo trading bot using FTEC tokens. The project will be open source and will provide a variety of services apart from Algo trading.

If the ICO is successful, it has the potential to join this list of the best ICOs ever,


Bitbose is yet another highly hyped ICO from the UK. This ICO wants to build an ecosystem for trading, a peer to peer lending service, a portfolio manager and a way to mine coins. Essentially, Bitbose wants to build a one-stop blockchain-based banking solution.

Bitbose has an extremely high potential and if its whitepaper is anything to go by, the company has the team and the resources that could lead to its growth. Bitbose tokens will be used as the buying currency for their payment gateway, mining service, trading exchange and all other services they offer.

In spite of the company having such a solid whitepaper, Bitbose is offering a 40% bonus to investors participating in the ongoing PRE ICO. Bitbose values their tokens at 1 BOSE token for $0.25. Investors must buy at least 100 BOSE tokens that are payable using ethereum.


ZNAQ shares some ideas with Bitbose. The company plans to launch a crypto exchange where traders will use ZNAQ tokens to exchange more than 20 different cryptocurrencies. The beta version of the ZNAQ exchange is already working, and users can use ZNAQ tokens to trade any other altcoin.

ZNAW targets to raise 20 million ZNAQ coins, with each coin valued at $3.2. The ICO’s token is certainly more expensive than most other ICOs, but they also have a solid platform a team of expert developers and managers.

In Conclusion

There are almost 10 ICOs registered in the UK in 2018. Most of them target banking and finance, A.I. and gaming technologies. Thanks to support from Angel investors and solid teams, England-based ICOs are really hyped this year. However, it’s important to research each ICO, analyze their whitepapers and invest wisely.