This continent has some of the best weather conditions in the world. It is also the location of the Amazon rainforest. The people of South America have different cultures, traditions, and way of life. Nevertheless, the two most popular languages spoken here are Spanish and Portuguese. The weather conditions between the countries differ slightly. For example, the weather in Argentina is more humid and colder than in Colombia. However, one of the famous crops cultivated here is coffee. Mexico, Chile, and Colombia are famous for their coffee. It has evolved over time from the traditional means of production to the compartible coffee pods for Nespresso machines we have today.  South America is made up of 12 countries and they all have both differences and similarities.

Whether it is Brazilian beaches, Argentinian glaciers, colonial architecture in Colombia, or the colorful cities in Chile, there is something unique about each country. For example, the Santuario de las Lajas, Colombia, is a gothic church built between 1916 to 1949. This architectural masterpiece was situated above the Guaitara river in a remote southwestern part of Colombia. It is sometimes referred to as “a miracle of God in the abyss“. It is about 328 feet above the river below it.  Religious belief holds there was an apparition of the “Virgin Mary“ at the place the church is built around the year 1754. This church is currently a popular pilgrimage destination.

The amazing land of Colombia

This fascinating country is made up of river basins, coastal plains, mountains, and highlands. The climate in Colombia is humid and wet. Each region has a different weather condition because of the ocean currents, the geographical location, and the winds. Colombia has a high temperature all year round and also a constant rainfall. The official language in Colombia is Spanish and it is also the most widely spoken.  Nevertheless, the people speak yet other local dialects. It is estimated nearly 99% of the population speak Spanish. There are currently many bilingual languages offered in Colombian schools with a mix of English and French.

Transportation in Colombia  

Travelling by air is the best way to visit Colombia. Many major international airports have a connecting flight to Colombia. Travelling by air to Colombia is much more expensive than other options. Locally, there are bus services. These buses differ depending on your budget. There is the more expensive air-conditioned buses or the locally run buses which are normally overcrowded. For visitors interested in the Amazon rainforest, travelling by boat will give many opportunities for beautiful sightseeing. This connects you to the surounding towns and cities and at the same time afford you the possibility to see the famous rainforest.  A boat is also a safer means to explore the Amazon because of constant fluctuation in weather condition. To travel within the city or for local sightseeing, a car rental is possible. This will provide both comfort and safety. For longer trips, a bus is the best option.

 Colombian dishes

Many of the restaurants serve Italian and Spanish cuisines. They also offer tasty sea foods. The meals depend very much on the region. A dish that is popular in one area may not be so in another. Typically, Colombian dishes include a lot of meat. The country is defintely not vegetarian. In places closer to the coast, the meals are made of lobster, fish, and other seafood. Coconut milk are sometimes used to prepare the seafood. Colombia also have a lot of fresh fruits many of which are not common. Colombian breakfasts consist of fruit, coffee, bread, and sometimes juice. The main course meal is the lunch. It is made of meat or fish, a traditional soup, dessert, and wine.  Dinner is lighter and can be in the form of a snack.

Coffee in Colombia   

Coffee cultivation is not just an agricultural enterprise in Colombia. It is a national identity. Colombia is one of the major producers and exporters of coffee. Some of  the coffee farms are huge but others are on small plots of land. Either case, the coffees are grown under environmentally friendly conditions. The result is the best bean species of the highest quality. The most beneficial ingredient in coffee is caffeine. It has a lot of health benefits. Caffeine lowers the risk of liver disease, it  reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, it increases athletic endurance, and much more. There is no health concern in moderate coffee consumption. Between three to five cups of coffee per day yields the maximum benefit. However, the level of caffeine differ based on the bean specie, the processing and storage method. Coffee capsules for nespresso machines have replaced traditional ways of making coffee. They are easy to carry, light weight, and fits perfectly into a luggage.  Gourmesso coffee capsules come in different flavours.