Former ANC chairman Terror Lekota said on Sunday the planned national political convention on November 2 in Bloemfontein was about an idea and not about an individual.

“Nobody is going to threaten us, it is not about an individual, it is about an idea.” Lekota urged some two-thousand people in Bloemfontein to go back to their communities and elect “people they trust” to represent them at the national convention expected to be held in Bloemfontein on November 2.

“There would be an agenda on how to defend the Constitution,” Lekota said.

He said those attending would have to decide if they wanted to organise themselves in some “organisation” or formation. Lekota said the formation would then have to go back to the communities for a name and colours and (possibly) report back on December 16 for the launch of that party.

He said there was huge support from all sectors for the convention and people were eager to “launch a political hope for all”. “They are business people, professionals, people from the country side, farmers.”

Lekota said these people, who have talked to him, “want to be free, want to live in a democracy”.

“They will have to kill all, if they want to stop it,” Lekota said, referring to ANCYL president Julius Malema’s past utterances aimed at those against ANC president Jacob Zuma.

He said a supporter of the national convention should be a man or woman who wants peace; reconciliation and a better live for all.

Lekota indicated the ANC had violated the Freedom Charter by not following aspects of freedom of association, the freedom of choice and equality before the law, all aspects contain in the country’s Constitution.

Lekota said that he would not resign from the ANC as many party members had done the past week.

He said if the ANC disciplines him he wants to be in a position to hear the reasons and be able to answer to them. “Otherwise you would say I am a coward, I want to explain why I said that    (reasons for disciplinary hearing).”

Lekota said he deeply believed it would be the right way to go.