Where do you go to party?

There are parties going on every night. On Sundays, head to The Club House (elgounaclubhouse.com), where there’s a DJ and lights around the pool where you can swim at night.

On Thursdays, I go to the open-air cinema which is next to The Club House. Films are in Arabic with English subtitles.

There is always a break in the middle of the movie when they play music and everyone can chat.

It’s a really cool area with a big screen. You can smoke there, you can drink, you can always get a seat, so I really like it.

Where do you go in El Gouna to chill out?

You can go around the coast to relax on a catamaran (the Ocean Diva, orange-elgouna.com).

They’ll give you champagne, while you listen to music, and you’ll hopefully get to see some dolphins.

You can snorkel off the boat, and explore the stunning reefs and beautiful fish.

What is El Gouna’s best kept secret?

It’s really nice when there is a full moon and people do a nighttime kitesurfing session.

You can go on trips around the nearby desert islands when you are an advanced kitesurfer. You need to be pretty experienced for this, though. 

Where do you go for adventure?

For a real adrenaline rush, head to the desert for a quad biking safari, where you’ll watch the sunset from the mountains (alexsafarielgouna.com).

This is a great place to meet Egyptians as well as other tourists, and smoke shisha. It really is a beautiful and romantic place.