The iPad 2 device Gold History Edition, which was made by British luxury goods specialist Stuart Hughes, is worth £5m.

The Apple logo is made up of 53 12.5-carat diamonds and the back is made from 2 kilograms of 24-carat gold.

The iridescent front frame around the screen is the most expensive part, made from the world’s oldest rock, Ammolite.

Shaved into the stone, which comes from Canada and is over 75 million years old, is 57 grams of 65-million-year-old T-rex thigh bone.

The iPad is controlled by an 8.5-carat diamond, inlaid in platinum and encircled by 12 gems.

Hughes has made two of these iPads and one is rumoured to have been purchased by an anonymous buyer.

Hughes is known for specialising in “ultra-luxury” goods and in the past has made a £219,995 Macbook Air and a diamond and platinum iPhone case that cost £20,995.

It was claimed that he also built a £3bn gold-plated super yacht for a Malaysian businessman.