That might be about to change.

According to News Corp, more Australians could live and work in the UK under a new visa deal being thrashed out to reverse a “discriminatory” British Government immigration policy.

With Tony Abbott currently visiting London, work is reportedly being done on a compromise to counter EU laws that have forced the UK to slash the number of migrants it can take from outside Europe – currently capped at 20,000.

Okay, that’s great, but what about the other way around? Will it be made easier for Brits to head Down Under?

Legislation currently requires companies to spend longer looking for Australians to fill vacancies, and application fees for visas have increased dramatically.

We’ve also had a government clampdown on the popular 457 visa and the Living Away from Home Allowance has been scrapped, while some states charge visa-holders to put their children through schools, which are free for locals.

And let’s not forget the current 417 Working Holiday Visa, which allows young people to work while travelling. If you want to stay for the maximum two years you have to complete 88 days working in regional areas in the first 12 months – a system that is flawed, with rife exploitation.

Something will have to give.

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