A far cry from the traditional view of Britain as a reserved, even prudish nation, it seems attitudes to sex and specifically sex toys have changed, according to a study by Durex. 

Indeed, ladies are increasingly more likely to get a sex toy than a bunch of flowers as a surprise gift.

Durex sex and relationship expert Susan Quilliam says “It’s a common misconception that women turn to sex toys because they’re single or because their partner no longer satisfies them. This survey shows that sex toys are much more the couple’s domain than they are for single people. It’s great to see that Brits are opening up to the possibilities and benefits of introducing something a little different into the bedroom.” 

In line with this, Durex has launched a new website and online shop, durex.co.uk, with a full sex toy range, designed with couples in mind to encourage them to explore together. 

 Do sex toys improve sex lives? Well, maybe. According to the survey conducted by Durex, 38% of people bought sex toys for the first time to spice up their relationship. However half of sex toy users said they simply enjoy ‘good sex’ and that using sex toys was just a part of that. Almost a quarter of couples said their toys get a regular work out whilst a third said they’re saved just for special occasions – merry Sexmas!

The Durex survey (2000 UK adults aged 18-60) also found:

– More than half of us (55%) are not-so-secret sex toy users.

– The average age of first sex toy purchase is 26

– 62% of men rank pleasing their partners as the most important factor when considering a sex toy

– British conservatism does remain – Discretion is king with anonymity (18%), online availability (13%) and partner’s opinion (26%) cited as key reasons which influence purchase