STA’s 5X1NZ enables you to skydive, snowboard, mountain bike, bungee and jetboat all in one-day in Queenstown, the adventure sports capital of the world. We can tell you adrenalin monkeys are excited. 

Emma Hudson, STA Travel Group’s market development consultant said: “The 5x1NZ is a very exciting new way to experience a raft of adrenaline sports! These sports are incredibly popular with our customers all over the world and now our exclusive 5x1NZ pack offers the chance for anyone to experience the thrill.”

The 5X1NZ adventure package includes an NZONE tandem sky dive, downhill mountain bike trails at Rabbit Ridge Bike Resort, a Shotover jet boat trip, AJ Hackett bungy and a variety of ski combo pass options as add-ons for those travelling in New Zealand’s winter season – plus an organised day itinerary.