Many will choose to pick fruit – you’ll be housed, fed and watered for free and get paid for the privilege. 

But as attractive as it seems, Consumer Affairs Victoria is warning you to be on the lookout for scammers, who’ve used emails, advertisements and fake websites to rip off working holidaymakers in the past, often with ‘free’ accommodation included.

Fortunately, they’ve come up with a useful tick-sheet if you’re looking for seasonal work and says you should be wary of:

  • offers that require you to pay an up-front fee to secure employment
  • spam emails offering guaranteed income or work
  • employment offers with ‘free’ accommodation included
  • advertisements which only specify a post office box address, not a street address
  • any job offer email or letter not specifically addressed to you
  • any agency that promises you a ‘guaranteed’ employment or visa outcome.

Those looking for fruit-picking jobs should check government websites for relevant information and advice about finding seasonal work in Australia and research the farming area’s produce, harvest times and methods, and check whether this matches the job advertisement.

You should also speak to experienced seasonal workers and review reputable blogs and forums.

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