Getting There

Rome and Milan are Italy’s major aiport hubs. If you’re coming from within Europe it is also easy to get to unfashionable destinations like Ancona and Pescara.

Getting Around

Train and bus

Italy has a superb internal rail system. If you’re going to clock up the miles, buy an unlimited travel rail-pass from TrenItalia. Alternatively, try Eurail. Italy also has an excellent network of buses run by private companies like SITA.


Italians can seem like lunatics when they get behind the wheel, but don’t be put off. If you’re limiting your travels to cities a car will be more of a hindrance than a help, but if you’re wanting to explore Italy’s regions a car is the way to go. Here are a few tips to take note of when driving in Italy.

  • Drive defensively but not meekly. If you see a gap in the traffic take it.
  • Don’t take horns or hooters personally. They’re used more as a communication tool in Italy, rather than a “what the hell are you doing?” tirade.
  • Don’t expect Italian drivers to indicate.
  • If you’re stuck behind a bus or truck on a narrow road, try and stay with them (easier said than done at the speed they travel) because they’ll part the traffic better than Moses.
  • Speed limits seem to mean little to the locals, but there are speed cameras about.