Jackie Chan is Dead … again.

According to Twitter he is, anyway. But it’s just as well we don’t believe everything we read on the social networking site, which has a reputation for killing off celebrities.

Jackie Chan, the kung-fu-ing Hollywood star is again the subject of a Twitter death hoax – for at least the third time this year.

Twitter user @BrittanyMonroe tweeted, "Jackie Chan is dead again??!!?! How many lives he has?? 9?? Lol." Many people have noted that this rumor has surfaced no less than three times during the past year, which is a real shame. Why do people make up this crazy stuff?

Yet another fan tweeted, "Chuck Norris says Jackie Chan is alive. For now." It is certainly all fun and games once people realize that the celebrity deaths are hoaxes. However, it makes it tough to know when news of a famous death is actually true.

The rumour has also jumped borders and crossed into Facebook as well, with an R.I.P. Jackie Chan community group popping up.

Despite no explanation behind the page’s creation, it has exploded in popularity, with more than 82,000 'likes.'

But a representative from Jackie Chan’s management team has quickly doused the rumours being fanned, stating outright that they are “not accurate”.

Additionally, Jackie Chan’s official web site remains without news of his death, his official Facebook page is serene and @EyeofJackieChan, his Twitter page, was last updated with the following message:


“Jackie is alive and well and working hard on his next movie! Don't believe the latest death rumors.”

The 57-year-old is the latest in a string of celebrities to be bestowed with the honour of a death hoax. In recent months, Wesley Snipes and Hugh Hefner have also both 'died' according to Twitter.

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