Radiation has polluted the tap water in Tokyo and surrounding areas.

The Tokyo Water Bureau said today that the levels of radioactive iodine in some of the tap water contained 210 becquerels per litre of iodine 131, which is two times higher than the recommended limit for infants.

They told parents to not give tap water to babies under one, but said that the levels of the iodine at the moment don’t pose an immediate risk to adults.

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Radiation has already been confirmed in vegetables and raw milk in the areas of the Fukushima power plants.

Over the last few days, the leaked radioactivity has also spread to other parts of the world; having been reported in both California and Iceland.

Erich Wirth, head of the BfS gauging station near Freiburg in Germany, told MDR INFO that “from there it’s no longer far off from Central Europe”.

But he pointed out that the radioactivity that would reach this part of the world would be “very, very low” and “practically the contamination won’t rise”.

The UK Government said last night that radiation from Japan had not yet been detected by British monitoring stations.

A spokesman for the Department of Energy and Climate Change said.”We are not expecting it to be detected in Britain in the next few days”.