Tokyo Electric Power Company boss, Masataka Shimizu, was taken to hospital with dizziness and high blood pressure yesterday due to “fatigue and stress”, the company announced today Wednesday.

Shimizu, who’s the chief of running the Fukushima Daiichi plant, was ill for a few days due to “overwork” after March 16, however, he had later recovered, spokesman Kazufumi Suzuki said on Sunday.

But yesterday Shimizu was taken to hospital.

Another earthquake hits Japan

Japan tsunami benefit concert

The last time Shimuizu was seen in public was on March 13 when he attended a news conference, facing questioning from reporters.

In a statement released on March 18 by Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco), Shimizu said they were taking the nuclear crisis “very seriously”.

“We sincerely apologize to all the people living in the surrounding area of the power station and people in Fukushima Prefecture, as well as to the people of society for causing such great concern and nuisance,” he said.

Tepco has had critism from several leaders including Prime Minister Kan.

Speaking in parliament yesterday, Prime Minister Kan said:

“It’s undeniable their assumptions about tsunamis were greatly mistaken.”

“The fact that their standards were too low invited the current situation.”

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara also slammed Tepco’s actions.

“Their response has been no good at all,” he said. “It’s been slow.”

Tepco is now facing even further criticism as radiation has been leaking from the plant into the seawater.