A Hitler house – or a house that looks bizarrely like Adolf Hitler – has become an internet sensation.

With its sloped roof mirroring his plastered-down parted hair and the lintel above the door imitating his toothbrush moustache, the semi-detached terrace house in Port Tennant, Swansea, Wales, has an uncanny likeness to the Nazi dictator.

World War Two history buffs might say the suburban ‘Hitler house’, valued at £130,000 is Reich up their street.

But for the moment at least the unassuming semi is not fuhrer sale.

Swansea resident Charli Dickenson, 22, saw the Hitler house while sitting in traffic with her boyfriend on the weekend, and uploaded a picture onto social networking website Twitter.

“I found Hitler reincarnated!,” @CharliDickenson tweeted.

“Millions of drivers and their passengers must go past that house every month,” Dickenson told Wales Online.

“I don’t know what made me think it looks like Hitler but the weird thing is everyone now agrees that it does in fact look like him.”

The tweet got “retweeted” by comedian Jimmy Carr, and from there it has gone viral.

“The awkward moment when you tweet something for the lols and it goes national,” another Twitter user, J’Aime McLeod tweeted.

Dickenson was surprised to learn the Hitler house was such a sensation, it has even made the news in New Zealand.

“Hahaha! I had no idea how big and how far it would get!” she tweeted this morning.

One of the house’s neighbours, Donald Payne, 60, a plasterer, agreed the house has a likeness to Hitler – from a distance.

“It does look a bit like the old Fuhrer, doesn’t it?” he said.

“I hope we don’t get invaded by bus loads of tourists pulling up to take a photo. We’re right on the side of a dual carriageway here and it will cause carnage.

“If it starts attracting the wrong sort of people, I might speak to the owner and see if he’ll let me paint the front door another colour – or give the roof a centre parting instead.”

The house is divided into two flats, one of which is empty, while the other is the home of retired club doorman Barney Easton, who is in his early 70s and who rents it from a private landlord.