Getting There


Jerusalem is easily accessible from Israel’s main airport Ben Gurion international in Tel Aviv.


You can get a bus to Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station in about an hour or so from the airport. Take a shuttle to the Ben Gurion Airport El Al Junction. Egged Bus 947 leaves every 20 mins to Jerusalem Central Bus Station running from 6am to after 10pm. Adult one way trip is 21.50ILS and will take just over an hour.


There’s a brand new train line linking Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and then running the eight kilometres from central Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion Airport. The whole journey should take you about two and a half hours and you will need to change in Tel Aviv, get off at Tel Aviv HaHagana station and wait for the Jerusalem train on the same platform, stay on the train until the end of the line at Jerusalem Train Station, this is on the outskirts of the city so you will need a taxi. Adult one way trip 23.50ILS, Adult return trip 42.50ILS


Otherwise grab a sherut (shared taxi) which will cost a bit more than the bus approx 57ILS, but will take you directly to wherever you’re staying however you may end up dropping everyone else off first. You can also get a private taxi, but it will be more expensive around 180ILS.


Getting Around

Jerusalem, like the rest of Israel, has no public transport during the Jewish Sabbath, which runs from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday.


Egged, the state-run transportation company,  runs the buses in Jerusalem and has an extensive network.


Sheruts (shared taxis) are available on many regular bus routes. You can also hail a white private taxi on the street or order one by phone.

City Pass Jerusalem Light Railway

New in Jerusalem, the light railway is safe and convenient mode of transport. There are many options single fare ticket is 6.90ILS, 2 ride ticket is 13.80ILS and 10 ride ticket is 55.20ILS

The Rav Kav card

The Rav Kav card is a smart card allowing the owner travel on most public transport in Israel including the City Pass & Egged buses. You can obtain a Rav Kav card at most City Pass service centres, it must then be loaded with ‘ride tickets’ and must be validated for each journey.


By far the best way to explore the nooks and crannies of historical Jerusalem.


Where to stay

Abraham Hostels Jerusalem 

The Abraham Hostel Jerusalem is located at 67 HaNeviim Street, the Street of the Prophets in the heart of Jerusalem, between the great Machane Yehuda market (5 minute walk) and the Old City (20 minute walk).