The postbox, in Sheffield, where Ennis hails from, has since been repainted by the local council, but citizens remained unimpressed by the vandals’ handiwork.

“It’s disgusting. It’s a shame. I have a lot of respect for Jessica Ennis and what she’s done for Sheffield,” one person told the BBC.

The graffiti was daubed n the postbox less than 24 hours after it painted to reflect the achievements of the Team GB girl of the moment.

Leader of Sheffield City Council, Julie Dore said: “We are all so proud of Jess and her fantastic success, which is not only a great achievement for her and her team but also is a huge achievement for the city.

She said this was Sheffield’s moment to shine and there was no reason for anyone to draw negative attention to the city.

“I hope they feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves,” Dore added.

Student Stuart Collier, 20, told the Guardian the postbox may have been in the wrong place.

“It’s on the main pub run round here and you’re going to get idiots doing this kind of thing when they’re tanked up,” Collier said.

“Too many drunk loons around of a night.”