The chuckle-worthy results of a survey carried out by Woolworths show that children are pretty confused about the origins of Christmas and believe that it is some sort of giant mash-up of reality TV and talent show stars.

According to the survey, one in four children believe that Christmas Day is Simon Cowell’s birthday, with 36 per cent not knowing who was born on that day.

Few were able to name Bethlehem as Jesus’s place of birth, with 24 per cent suggesting Brentwood in Essex, where semi-reality show The Only Way Is Essex is filmed, was the location.

A quarter of those polled thought Jesus was born at 10 Downing Street or Buckingham Palace.

Children, it appears, believe that the trio of wise men was probably made up of Gary Barlow, Mark Wright and Prince Charles. Kids did not think that the gift-bearers followed a star to the manger, saying it was more likely that they heard about Jesus’s birth through Facebook.

Santa’s reindeers caused some confusion too, with children suggesting the creatures’ names were Tulisa, David Beckham, Pippa Middleton, Tinie Tempah and Cheryl Cole.